baby shower, hometown style

Jesse and I are exhausted.  The baby, however, is still fist pumping and boogie-woogie-ing about our awesome weekend.  Our AWESOME weekend…

972… the number of diapers that were gifted to us. holy poop. and pee-pee.

our wall of diapers.

my sister-in-law, mother, and brother’s girlfriend threw us a perfect, heartfelt, chevron-y, polka-dott-y, navy and orange baby shower.  I don’t use the whole pound sign thing very often, but I threw around #bestbabyshowerever more than once on facebook in the last 36 hours. so here are a few pics to summarize the awesomeness that was graciously given us.

I've got my dad beat in the belly department :)
I’ve got my dad beat in the belly department 🙂
the spread
the spread
the little girls loved “helping” open gifts. it was hard to keep up!
the "fuzzy, glowing thingy"
the “fuzzy, glowing thingy”


almost 4 generation picture... the 33rd great-grandchild! all because 2 people fell in love!
almost 4 generation picture… the 33rd great-grandchild! all because 2 people fell in love!
my hostesses... kate, mom, and darcie
my hostesses… kate, mom, and darcie
my bro's
my bro’s

It was a great day! My husband spent the day doing “man stuff,” and that was perfectly okay with me… and my brothers were not at the shower, these pics were afterwards when everyone was relaxing on the deck.

We received SO many wonderful things, many diapers, and SO MUCH bath soap! We will have the cleanest kid ever! (unless he’s allergic to Johnson & Johnson, then we’re in trouble!).  We were able to cross some important things off of our “need” list, received some great stuff off of our registry, and even came home to Amazon boxes on the porch – thank you Jessie VP!

I should have taken a picture of the Tahoe and how skillfully we packed it, because it was FULL! We feel so blessed and grateful. THANK YOU to those who could come, and we missed everyone who could not, I felt that I didn’t get enough time with any one guest, I wanted to sit and catch up with everyone!

oh, and Nella stayed home with some friends who have many dogs… she was in doggy heaven! and SO tired when we got home… she must have missed Jesse, she crawled right up on top of him and fell asleep. Adorable.  Even more adorable? The way Jesse snuck our from under her so she would stay asleep. He’s going to be a great daddy 🙂

nella nappin

snow day

Good ol’ South Dakota weather, always good for a mucking up of my plans. Although, after being in college 850 years, I’m not one to complain about a “free” day home. Yesterday I made it to town for clinicals, but the clinic shut down at noon. 4 hours lost. Today, my preceptor’s snowed in 30 miles away and my husband “doesn’t want me out in this stuff unless absolutely necessary.” He has to go to work… something about working for a telephone company in bad weather. But for all intensive purposes most of the state is shut down. What did I do today? Napped and studied for my next exam. Watched the dog and cat torment each other. Your run-of-the-mill snowday. At least we have power here and internet. No biggies. Except the 10 hours of missed clinicals today. Pff. I’ll be fine.

source: a disgruntled south Dakotan on Facebook.

source: a disgruntled South Dakotan on Facebook.

nella vs. gertie face-off. this goes on and on and on.

nella vs. gertie face-off. this goes on and on and on.

good morning!

good morning!

gertie was pretty unsure of this.

gertie was pretty unsure of this.



nella spent an hour being angry because she wasn't allowed out to chase this brave little birdie

nella spent an hour being angry because she wasn’t allowed out to chase this brave little birdie

Preggo wise… 18 weeks today. I’ll make Jesse take a picture later. felt a few more possible movements, I’m really paying attention now. and (stop reading if you are my dad or brothers) got some boob-juice leakage goin’ on. Jesse thinks it’s GROSS… mostly I think he’s mourning the loss of the non-mom boobies. They officially belong to the baby now. 🙂

happy birthday!

to our dog, nella. 1 year old tomorrow. i’ve been telling her happy birthday all week. she doesn’t seem to get it.


while she’s a wild and crazy girl, who sometimes eats things that aren’t hers and always sneaks under the covers by our feet at 3am, we love her. she’ll always be our first baby. and she’ll never talk back 🙂 i almost cried putting this collage together. i can’t believe how small she was!

in other news… 15 weeks. feeling AMAZING. finally getting some energy back. and i still can’t believe i own this belly. crazy. baby muffin’s risin’


also i get to trek home this week (pray for decent driving weather, since spring has forgotten our state), and see immediate and extended family. VERY excited!

happy wednesday everyone!