a birth story.

I want this whole post to be right, to accurately portray our birth story. Jackson’s birth story. Monday I was having plenty of contractions. Some “painful,” some just annoying, and hence I was annoyed. So I cleaned. I walked. I … Continue reading

our anniversary

~I’m posting this a couple days early, because inevitably we’ll either be having a baby on Tuesday (I actually do NOT want to share our anniversary with the baby’s birthday) or traveling together across the state for another one of my classes… our last possible road trip as a two-some~


a great day to marry a great man.  a great day to celebrate love and family and our future. a great day to start a great life story together.


we’ve had quite the little adventure already, and it’s about to get so much better with the impending arrival of our little man.

i love you jesse. happy 2nd anniversary.

~ps … he asked what I was giving him for an anniversary gift, I said “a baby.” he was totally fine with that …