3 months

The fourth trimester is over and my baby is a quarter of a year old already. Thomas is so laidback and sweet. He is happy almost always, I feel so lucky to be his mommy. (Of course I am lucky to be Jackson’s mommy, too).

IMG_2017Thomas has accomplished some great milestones this month. He sleeps through the night at least as much as he doesn’t, probably more now. He accomplished a back-to-belly and belly-to-back roll… at daycare. I still have yet to see it, of course. He has so much core strength we had to put the bouncer seat away because he would try to sit right up and out of it. Now he chills in the exersaucer… which Jackson didn’t try out until he was at least 4-5 months old in my memory. I should look at pictures to confirm that. Thomas also tolerates tummy time pretty well, especially if there is a person at his level to have a conversation with.




IMG_2043He eats like a tank. I have gotten a pretty good nursing/pumping routine down, although weekends always throw that off. LOL… I had to wear a swim suit last weekend, and I just grabbed one without trying it on. Terrible idea, as I am definitely more busty than normal right now. So embarrassing.

And a very important milestone was yesterday, as we welcomed Thomas to the Church through baptism. It was a great spring day with both of our families in attendance. So special. God has some big plans for this little boy. I can still smell the chrism oil on his head, and I could just sit and cuddle him and smell him all night long.

It can’t go without mentioning that Jackson has really blossomed in his role as big brother. He will be 2.5 this week, and while my heart breaks a little thinking about how he is growing up, I am also so proud him… most of the time. But I can’t lie, sometimes I just want to hide from him, you know, for peace and quiet 🙂 one can only handle so many conversations about cows and cars in one day 🙂

So, life as usual in the McMuffin house.

And, in case you were wondering, I am really enjoying Lent (as weird as that sounds). I have been faithful abstaining from Mtn. Dew, Starbucks, and Facebook (turns out you can still post to FB via IG even if you are not actually logged in, so still able to post pics of my sweet babies, just haven’t seen any likes or comments, haha). I have been really bad at daily devotionals, but found a good solution in getting devotionals and meditations emailed to my inbox daily and finding time every day for prayer. And went to confession for the first time in years… felt so good for my soul 🙂 Hope Lent is treating all of you well also! Getting excited for Easter. Oh, and shockingly enough my hubby mentioned joining the Catholic church last night. I have never asked him to or pushed him that way, but he made a comment that it would be nice to have us all able to be together in church, participating at the same level. Talk about melting my heart. I hope he continues to have that on his heart and that God calls him to it if that is what should happen. Maybe next Easter we’ll have another celebration of joining the church.


3 months & back to work

I lived through the week. Jesse made it home yesterday, and it was so nice when he got up with Jackson at 6am this morning and let me sleep in 🙂 God, I missed my husband SO much!! And I would have died had my mom not came out to help me. We are so lucky to have people in our life that want to help us. And while it’s hard for me to ask for or accept help, having a baby makes you re-evaluate letting people help out. I am eternally grateful!

This week marked 3 months since Jackson joined our little family. Lately he’s been trying my brand new parenting skills. He has become a constipated little boy, and like his mother, if he needs to poop, he can focus on nothing else… except he screams and cries inconsolably.  My mom was unlucky enough to get day 8 before he finally pooped that night. Yes, 8 days between poops. Poor guy. We’ve tried multiple tricks (karo syrup, pear juice, suppositories) and nothing seems to work particularly well, and I’m not very comfortable with all of these interventions for my little boy. Yes, I believe in medicine and medical intervention, but giving a 3 month old juice or suppositories is hard for me, and I don’t want his little bowels getting dependent on stuff.  He’s also developed an umbilical hernia. I’m sure it was always there, but it’s become very pronounced with the poop hoarding. My poor little guy.

And tonight, he’s sleeping in my arms with the humidifier going next to us. He’s go a stuffy nose and a hoarse little cry. Breaks my heart. So 3 months isn’t really our friend. However, he IS growing, crushing milestones left and right, and smiling a big gummy smile when his tum-tum isn’t full. We love our little man to pieces, despite his difficult little anal-retentiveness. And may I just take this small moment to say, THANK GOD FOR GRIPE WATER. (and thank YOU Jessie VP for buying it for us – life saver!)

3 months

3 months


rocking with Gamma

rocking with Gamma

started using the exersaucer... even though his toes barely touch. He likes to sit up and see things.

started using the exersaucer… even though his toes barely touch. He likes to sit up and see things… and he may or may not being watching DisneyJunior. Ooops.


play, play, play

play, play, play


AND… I made it through my first week back at work. The night before I’m pretty sure Jackson could sense my anxiety, plus he needed to poop, so no one got much sleep. My first day back was filled with tears and texts to my hubby and pumping. We don’t have a pumping room at the hospital (I KNOW, RIGHT??) and so I have a chair in the bathroom. And I was so stressed that my milk nearly instantly dropped in production. So I drank TONS of water and ate and ate and ate the next day, and things got better. By the third day I felt like I was getting my groove back a little. I’ve decided to cut back to half-time at work as of the first of the year to accommodate more time for m Continue reading