The mcmuffins are a growing little family of craziness. I am a working mom, a nurse practitioner. We have 2 little boys 3 little boys, Jackson, Thomas and Lukkes, and a cat and a dog.

I have passion for being a mommy and wifey, being a good NP for my patients, a forgiving God, running & working out, eating sugar, breastfeeding my babies, a good cup of coffee, a smattering of swear words, cute jewelry, Rodan + Fields, and comfortable pants.

I like to write, but it is tricky to find the time. This blog is a good place for me to document the insanities of our little family.





gertie nella

8 thoughts on “about

  1. So happy to have discovered your blog! And I must say, I am IN LOVE with the look of it — the background, the header image, it’s just a design lover’s to-die-for blog. 🙂 Congrats on the little McMuffin and on having a Virgo baby — that kid will probably be so organized it will be be able to raise itself!

    • why thank you! i’m no design expert 🙂 i hope, hope, hope this little muffin is just as organized at you say. with his/her father and mother, there’s a 50/50 chance of inheriting good organizational skills… but it seems that in mr.mcmuffin’s family, (unorganized) mcmuffin genes dominate… EEK… hope for the zodiac to prevail 🙂

  2. So, so happy for you guys! God is SOOO faithful…so incredibly good! Love your pregnancy announcements! We had a lot of fun with ours too! Why not just celebrate each and every moment you can, right? I am also so excited you are finishing up your NP. I am a nurse anesthetist…so thankful God led me down that path! Do you have a special area of interest? Blessings upon your pregnancy!!!

    • Thank you SO much, and you’re right, my faith in the Father has been my “home base”getting to this point. I had fun putting together the announcement, I was nervous sending them and letting the world in on our special little secret, but I’m better now about talking about it. I was just worried that if we celebrated too early or too much something might go wrong. But, let go, and let God, right?
      And I’m getting so antsy to be done with NP school! I’m just in a family practice program, but if I could handpick a specialty when I’m done, my L&D roots would call me back to women’s health. We’ll just see where God leads me!

      Hope all is going well with you! Almost there, right? 🙂

      • Oh…it is SO hard!!!! I still have so many what ifs or how abouts…I think letting go and trusting Him is going to be a lifelong journey for me! Day by day…moment by moment, I guess! I am SO happy for you guys!

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  4. I just graduated from nursing school! And my dream job is as a labor and delivery nurse (possibly may pursue nurse midwifery in a few years…). And my due date is September 14. It appears we have a few things in common.

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

    And keep the updates coming!

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