the borning cry

I think it is engrained in human nature to recognize a newborn’s cry. It is a universal sound, piercing and un-ignorable… a life survival and defense mechanism granted from above so that a mother will wake up for the 17th time that night to attend the baby’s needs.

Lukkes has lost the newborn cry. He cries like a regular “old” baby now. It’s loud and deep and still highly in-ignorable, but it has changed. If he is our last baby, then my last newborn’s cry has been cried, and it makes me sad…


He’s 4 months old now. He’s super fat and he’s happy most of the time. He interacts with us now, and his brothers love that. He just does what normal 4-month old babies do… funny how I would obsess over milestones and development with Jackson… now I just plop Lukkes down on his tummy and know that he will either roll over or yell-cry at me when he’s sick of it. He’s normal.  As normal as can be assessed anyway.

IMG_6947 (Edited)IMG_7023IMG_6941IMG_7150IMG_7129IMG_7124

The rest of the McMillan clan continues to move forward. Jackson will have his first preschool parent-teacher conferences next week… which of course is a first for us as parents. We also had another first with him a few weeks ago – our first trip to the ER. In principle I have to believe my children under some life-threatening situation to warrant an ER visit – mostly because I can gauge and treat the normal kid stuff at home myself. But after 2 days of stomach pain, barely moving and fevers my motherly worry took over and I brought him in to be assessed for an appendicitis. He was okay, and of course, he started acting much less “dying” when we got there, but I guess I wouldn’t have slept that night thinking I might be ignoring something big. Eh, sometimes you just gotta be the mom and let someone else be the doctor.


Thomas is fine, still trying to get some weight back on him after his tonsillectomy and then subsequent GI illness. He’s my little skinny kid. He’s so fun to watch, especially in moments when he is away from the influence of his older brother. Thomas’s personality is funny, so observational and sensitive to others around him, and he is much more drawn to color or create than Jackson was. Jackson it much more intense, obsessed and inflexible than Thomas. It is so interesting seeing personalities develop and wonder how much nurture versus nature molds them this way.


Other than that, ready for spring…