18 months and some other important stuff

…because who has time to write more than one post every 6 months??

Thomas is now 18 months old and developing a very loud toddler personality. He is still a momma’s boy, still a good sleeper (thank you Jesus), and while his food preferences are getting slimmer, he still eats most of what he is offered in some capacity. Of course, we love him so much, even when he is climbing to the top of the piano, dragging toilet paper all over the house, or splashing in the dog water. Pure boy.


Jackson has finally got the hang of daytime potty training, we’ll tackle nighttime as it becomes more developmentally available to him. He is excited to tell me each day that he did not pee his pants! He is also excited to go to preschool in the fall. He would rather be no where than the farm and feeding cows or chasing chickens.


I am LOVING my position at the clinic where I started in March. Love, love, loving. They have embraced me, and I already consider them my tribe… no pun intended! So glad God nudged me towards being brave and making the change…. even though…



so, this was at least a week ago and was my first real “bump” pic… turns out the third time around I’m not so obsessed with photographic evidence. Sorry kid!

Baby #3, due in October 🙂 sometimes blessings come in abundance. I’m feeling pretty well, although I can certainly say that 3 pregnancies in 4 years is not easy on the body. I have been more tired, gained weight faster, had more stomach upset, and my skin has been much more fickle this time. Maybe that indicates a girl, maybe it indicates I am a “more experienced gestational version of myself” than I have ever been. Anyway, I quit nursing Thomas just after New Years, pregnant by February, guess any questions of my sub-fertility have been laughed away.  We certainly are happy to be pregnant again, just a little in shock of how quickly it happened. Looking forward to the anatomy scan in 2 weeks to confirm all is well, and start prepping our home, minds, pocketbook and our boys for another baby to love.


Well, that’s about it. Hope everyone who still takes the time to stop by is well! Happy Summer!!

– mcmanda


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