well, hello.

Why haven’t I posted anything in 4ish months? Eh, life is busy and blogging certainly isn’t on the top of my priority list. But it does feel nice to come back to this little virtual space and catch myself up. So, a couple things…

  1. My mother in law finished her 12th cycle of chemotherapy this week. Prayers for a clear scan later this month and then just surveillance.
  2. I am starting the 8th week of a 8-week long “lifestyle” challenge this week. I am not one to sign up for such challenges as my self-control is poor, but this has been good for me. I have definitely eaten more intentionally than ever before. I have stopped online shopping for the most part. I am flossing more regularly – all good things that I hope to continue on. And with Lent starting last week, I can carry some of these lifestyle changes forward intentionally, as well as logging out of Facebook again. It is good to take a social media break (…the irony as I write that in a blog post, I know).
  3. Last week was my last week at the oncology clinic. For as much as it has taught me… about oncology, the fragility of life, the beauty of humanity, about myself and my mortality, and how to really embrace life because we never know what challenges we might be given, it is not my calling. I am starting a position at a near-by tribal clinic doing primary care. I will be their only fulltime provider, and there are definite inherent challenges with the IHS system, but I am so excited to getting back to doing primary care, having some autonomy again, and being busy on my feet. I am grateful, though, for my time with oncology, and I will forever be a different healthcare provider for it.
  4. Potty training may kill me. Jackson is 3 1/2, and we are still not there. AGGGGHHH. I just keep telling myself that surely one day it will stick and he won’t pee his pants in college (on a regular basis).
  5. Thomas is just plain old crazy. Crazy funny for the most part. What a ham. He was put on this earth to brighten the lives around him.
  6. Our household just keeps keeping on. Our home looks like tornado wreckage most of the time. Our bedtime routine is a mess. My bathroom is a mess. But we are generally a happy, loved group, and I could ask God for no more.