today, tomorrow, and last year

This morning at work I had a headache but no medicine. Normally if I need to run to the main hospital building for anything I walk outside, but it was cold and damp, so I took the skywalk from the cancer center over to the campus pharmacy. To get there I had to walk through the 3rd floor, and I just stopped and stared at the locked double doors that led to the maternity floor. One year ago I was behind those doors somewhere, one year ago Thomas joined our family.


I have not been good at blogging his milestones, but fortunately I’ve been writing them down in a milestone calendar, and each month I’ve done measurements and taken a picture as he’s grown. He has brought such joy to our family. He has been, by-in-large, a sweet and easy baby. In the last 4 weeks or so his personality has blossomed – he is spunky, rambunctious, but so sweet. He is a momma’s boy, but is starting to take a shine to daddy in a new way – the is when Jesse loves to parent, when the child can walk, play, and isn’t so fragile. Thomas started walking about 6 weeks ago, and now he’s running after his brother and anything else he wants. He’s a climber, always seeking an adventure. He isn’t a big fan of food most of the time – I’ve started to sort of work on weaning, but he thinks whole milk is for cows and has been cutting teeth, so momma’s milk is about the only thing that makes him happy right now. However, I am sick of pumping, so unless I’m going to work out, I am not pumping anymore. I have lots of frozen milk, but to be honest, I am a little too lazy to thaw milk for very many weeks, so he better take a shine to cow milk soon, this milk train is going to run dry.


And I’m starting to get the itch for a growing belly and a sweet new baby cry. I’m not pregnant, but wouldn’t be sad if we were soon after the new year. I’d like to enjoy a glass of wine or two over the holidays first, and maybe let my body be mine for a couple seconds before we try again. Or maybe we’ll just have the 2 boys – I’d like a 3rd child, Jesse would like a 3rd boy, but if we are meant to be the parents of only 2, I will be okay with that.


And, because I haven’t posted in so long and I just as well update on everyone, Jackson is working on potty training. He turned 3 in September, and I think the concept is finally starting to stick. He at least will tell us he needs to go, and will wait to actually go until he is at the toilet. I am vowing to “naked January” when we can spend weekends at home and he can be pants-less, making him more aware of his need to pee/poop. Here’s hoping. Otherwise, we’re starting to talk about Santa Clause around here – nothing makes you feel more parental than that. No Elf on the Shelf here this year. As stated above, I’m far too lazy.



I’m still at the cancer institute. Jesse just completed training for firefighter certification for our local volunteer department. His mom is almost half-way through her planned chemotherapy treatments. The harvest at the farm was good. Really, I have so much to be thankful for, we all do.

So happy birthday Thomas, and happy thanksgiving to all of you, too 🙂



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