Thomas: months 6-8

LOL. A quarter year update for my little man – nothing says second child syndrome like the poor upkeep of documenting his growth and development. But, also in true second child style, he’s growing and developing like a normal little baby boy, so, whatever, I’m not worried about it. He recently started crawling forward… he’s been in reverse for a few months. He also thinks he want to pull up on stuff, mostly me, but also the baby gate and all the ride-on toys and then falls and cries about it. He has 1 and 1/4 teeth. He’s fat and happy. He refuses to eat things like puffs/cheerios/teething crackers/yogurt bites… so for now we stick with the pureed junk. Weird kid.

He’s in a stage right now where I am the Alpha and the Omega and his dad is a far, far second. That really frustrates my husband, but I’m happy to be the fixer of all problems. It’ll change someday. I am such a different mom to Thomas, but it’s an impossibility to be the “same mom” to every child. I have learned through experience with Jackson, and well, Thomas is just a different kid. Honestly, I am having a lot more FUN being Thomas’s mommy, but with Jackson life was chaotic and we (Jackson and I) were figuring things out. And Jackson was a pretty tough kid. Thomas is so laid-back and happy. He typically likes to sleep in, likes to sleep all night, happy just having mom around and playing with whatever is available (usually Jackson’s least favorite cows/cars/blocks – can’t share the good stuff!). Thomas doesn’t care and Jackson is such a good source of entertainment for him. I can see why all subsequent children make things busier, but not harder, as they have older siblings to provide entertainment.

So, life as a family of 4 is great. Jackson will be 3 very soon, which is crazy! And deserves its own post. Oh, and for those of you who read my post about my mother in law, she did amazing with her hemi-colectomy surgery! They were able to do it laproscopically, and she is recovering quickly and well. Unfortunately, as I suspected, there was cancer present in the lymph nodes surrounding her colon tumor, and the tumor had grown into the abdominal wall – so definitely stage III and needs chemotherapy. That will be quite the journey for her, as the chemotherapy she will get is pretty intense, but we’ll pray she can be strong and endure all 12 cycles. If she can complete the entire course, it really boosts her chances of the cancer not metastasizing.

Okay, now the photo dump of my sweet baby boy 🙂

thomas 6 monthsthomas 7 monthsthomas 8 months


His 6 month pics 🙂 they show his true personality.





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