slow down (5 months,too)

Oh, everyone, my chubby little man flipped through 5 months a few weeks ago. I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again, he amazes me. He is so happy, so content. When he cries, which is barely ever, it is the saddest thing, and I come running to make it better. He has now mastered sitting up without me. This weekend we will start some “real” food. And just like that, my baby is already, ALREADY, outgrowing me.

thomas 5 months

I’m not sure if it’s mother’s day that has me all nostalgic and sapped up, but I have been particularly mindful of the wondrous speed at which both of my children are growing. Jackson is nearly completely understandable now, a “big boy,” a “big brother.” The last little bits of his littleness are soon to be changed – we’ll be transitioning him out of his crib (which he’s never tried to escape so we’ve just let him be) to a bed (mostly because Thomas is quickly out-growing his co-sleeper bed). And once he’s doing okay in the new bed, we’ll be starting potty training. He’s really pretty ready right now, we talk A LOT about pee and poop. A LOT. And he like to sit on the toilet now, so I hope it won’t be as hard as I feel like it has the potential to be. He’s teaching so much about life through a little boy’s eyes. He sees every cow (“right dare, momma! cows right dare!”) and every tractor. He knows what he likes, what he does NOT, and how we should do everything he says. He also gives the best squishy hugs and kisses, is the happiest person to ever see me walking into a room with bedhead at 6 am, and a great big brother with so much love to give. He makes me crazy, but he makes me proud.



He’s just growing so fast. It’s like I blinked, and then he’s a little boy. A pre-schooler. A do it himself-er. A kid. A high schooler. A man.

And Thomas will be right behind him.


And I already feel compelled to have another because I can literally feel their littleness go away every day. Every day both of them are less little. If I think about it too much I panic. I am I doing okay enough for them? Am I giving them and teaching them the things they need to have and know to navigate in this weird, hard, mean world? Do they know how much I love them? How I would walk through fire a million times for them?




This song is flying around the internet like wildfire right now. I CAN NOT listen to it without tears… because it’s so true. Slow down boys. Be my littles for a little while longer.


Happy mother’s day to every woman out there. Whether you are a mom like me, in the trenches of small children, or a mom whose babies have grown and left the nest (OMG, I cannot even think about how I will handle that… yes I can: poorly, I will handle it poorly), a first-time pregnant mommy, a waiting-to-adopt mommy, an auntie/sister/teacher/nurse who loves like a mommy… we women make the world go round. We love those littles fiercely, and that should be celebrated.


2 thoughts on “slow down (5 months,too)

  1. Just beautiful! And I agree…I feel like I blinked and G is almost 8! We had a ‘panic’ conversation about all the places around the world we’d like to take the kids recently. It hit us that in 10 years chances are we won’t be traveling as a family of 5 and we had better get a move on. The days are long but the years are so, so short.

  2. I almost messaged you about this song after the post I did! It all does happen way too fast. Your boys are such cuties 🙂 Praying we can all embrace those tender moments and hold on to them forever

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