mcmuffin ultimate update

Well, it’s been just over a month since I’ve written an update – in that time, we sold our home, moved everything across the state, I started a new job, we celebrated our 4th anniversary, Jackson turned 2, we began the process of buying a new home, and I turned the corner into the third trimester of pregnancy number 2. Woof. Also, my hubby’s grandmother passed away this week, so it’s been a whirl of emotion, change, and busy-ness.


love my little family. this was snapped the morning of the big move… jack’s last day in our old home.

Okay – our move. Jesse moved most of our stuff with Jackson the weekend before we sold the house. He then came back after I finished my last week at the clinic, packed up the remainder of our stuff, and closed on the house. We caravanned across the state in 2 vehicles, pulling a trailer, and carting along the dog. The apartment is now teeming with our stuff, along with our storage unit. Jackson, despite having his room set up exactly the same as it was previously, is having trouble falling asleep here. Transition is hard when you’re two.

Speaking of… HE’S TWO! How did that happen?? Who am I kidding? He’s been acting two for about 4 months now. But, it does make me nostalgic to imagine this little man as the infant that he was. He’s now a jabbering, reasoning, giggling, demanding little boy. It’s nuts. He is thriving at his new daycare, where they have a pre-school curriculum 3 days per week, and his vocabulary and knowledge has exploded. When he asked for a blue napkin (appropriately!) last week at supper, Jesse and I about fell out of our chairs. Amazing what a little mind can absorb!

His birthday was pretty low key, especially compared to last year. Hard to throw a big bash in a small apartment, so we went to the local Pizza Ranch. We had a little family-centered cow-themed party for our little guy. He loved it.



IMG_0931 IMG_0934

IMG_0940 The new job is proving to be challenging and wonderful. The hours are amazing for my family life, something that I appreciate immeasurably. The new content is mind-boggling. My nurse practitioner co-workers reassure me daily that I will figure it out. I am in an area of very specialized oncology care, and most of the language is so very foreign right now, but I am up for the challenge and welcome the knowledge expansion. However, there are certainly times I miss my primary care and the bread-and-butter medicine and preventative care I had become comfortable with. And I miss the peds – well child checks really were the best part of my previous position in family practice.

I had to join the #nursesunite movement last week. I was deeply offended by the insensitive and ignorant comments made on The View about not only nurses, but also generally about women competing in the Miss American pageant. While I was certainly never a pageant girl, the bravery of those women to get on stage to promote themselves is actually pretty amazing to me, no matter how you may think it pans out for the movement for respect for women. Miss Colorado gained my utmost respect, and I believe nursing IS a talent that, as a nurse, has a right to be celebrated. It is not the most important career ever, but it is a trusted and loved one, and ever though I do not do bedside nursing anymore, I am proud to be a nurse. Always.



my facebook post: I am a nurse. This is my stethoscope. It has been with me for 10 years, not as an accessory, but a tool of my trade… My talent. It has helped me listen to the most normal, strong, and steady heartbeat… But also the whooshing of a failing heart, and the silence of one no longer beating. It has helped me hear the crackles of pneumonia, the wheezes of RSV, and the struggle of air to pass by a lung tumor. It has heard to silence of a bowel obstruction, and the first tinkley bubbles of air passing through after a surgery. Nurses are often passive in defending themselves and their profession – not because they don’t love it or believe in it, but because the emotion and energy we have is spent at the end of the day (night). It is spent on being on our feet, on being mentally on our toes, and we are just happy to be home with our healthy loved ones. But I am speaking out today. I am proud to be a nurse. It is a talent. And we will not be bullied.

It is also amazing to me that we celebrated our 4th anniversary of marriage. It has taken us so many places… together. I am so lucky to call this goofy, sensitive, and supportive man my husband and the father of our boys.


Oh yeah, we finally announced to the world, baby McMillan #2 is a boy 🙂


I am so excited to have two boys so close in age… can’t wait for lots of wrestling, tractors, mud, and farting noises 🙂 And, since my brother just had a boy, too, along with Jesse’s sister’s youngest child being a boy, we have boy cousins on both sides to make things fun!

My pregnancy is going well. I feel pretty good, all things considered. I’ve gotten bilateral inguinal hernias again, only they are worse this time, of course, and they have really been the bane of my feeling awesome. They throb and ache and make running uncomfortable. I still go, of course, because I am stubborn and like the resting of the aspect of running, even 15 pounds heavier right now. I am starting to feel big and uncomfortable. I don’t think that started until a little later last time, but that is the way of subsequent pregnancies, I’ve learned.

few weeks ago in my new work bathroom. classy.

few weeks ago in my new work bathroom. classy. thanks, snapchat, for helping me document this pregnancy. also, classy.

the belly and I ran our third 5k of the pregnancy last weekend. 30 weeks and 2 days, finished in 30 minutes and 21 seconds. not too shab.

the belly and I ran our third 5k of the pregnancy last weekend. 30 weeks and 2 days, finished in 30 minutes and 21 seconds. not too shab.

Otherwise, like I said, we’re in the middle of the paperwork period of buying another house, which we should close on in early October. AWESOME (except the moving, again, part). I am just so happy to think we’ll bring baby boy home to a house. And that I will not have to move again forever if I don’t want to. YES.

And now, a photodump of my sweet, adorable little boy and our adventures over the last month.


corn palace days. yeah, it’s corny.


we had to PRY his sticky little hands off of the handle bars at the end of the ride. totally worth the 3 expensive tickets to see him love this.


feeding goats at the local zoo.


first faux-hawk


he LOVES these hot, heavy winter boots


how he most easily falls asleep now… on the couch. ugh.

more updates in a month, hopefully from our new home!