Good news

I am happy to report that my friend’s little girl was finally extubated after 14 days and she is very slowly improving!!!! Thank the good Lord! And thank you to anyone who offered up prayers of healing, and please keep them coming that she continues to regain her strength and is able to go home soon! 

In other news…

We’re in the middle of a complicated moving process. My husband has been working almost 400+ miles away since the first week of May. We’re trying to sell our home while I’m still here (which I am going to miss dearly!), I am busy applying for employment and doing long distance interviews, and still working full time, plus… Growing a second baby πŸ™‚ a little turkey due on thanksgiving. Needless to say, we’re busy. And life is *slightly* stressful. But I am grateful for what we believe are positive changes for the future. 

As for the documentation of the second pregnancy, I will not be as vigilant. Sorry baby #2! I hope to get pics every month of so. Maybe starting next week πŸ˜‰  it’s kinda hard to get decent pics when the only person I live with is less than 3 feet tall and has a 10-word vocabulary! I’m 14 weeks along, feeling good, a little bigger a little faster this time, but happy! 

My mom keeps asking when I’ll post this news to Facebook, but I don’t think I should until I have a job lined up. I’d hate for that to be a reason for someone to not hire me, because I’ll need maternity leave in the fall (a SHORT leave no matter what, which stinks!). What do you think? Okay to reveal at an interview or to the public for pre-employment judgement, or keep it under wraps for a while? 


Prayers pleaseΒ 

I have lots to update. Lots. But it will need to wait. 

Remember my friend whose daughter had the spinal tumor? This sweet little girl is very, very ill – septic with both viral and bacterial infections. She is in the pediatric ICU, intubated. She’s on medications to sustain her blood pressure. She’s received a blood transfusion. And her mom has barely slept in the last 5 days. Understandably. 

I feel so helpless to them. I am terrified for them and wish there was something I could actually do to help the situation besides keep praying. The news tonight was moving in the wrong direction, so I am reaching out to my blog friends. 

Please join me in prayer to lift this sweet little girl, who already has health challenges, up and out of this severe illness. The more prayers the better. Her life depends on it.