you have a baby and everyone starts telling you “time flies” “don’t blink” “they grow SO fast”

those people didn’t necessarily lie.

But time in the McMuffin house is a weird vortex. School time is crawling, unless there’s an assignment due, then time slips away. And baby time is warp speed, except when Jackson hasn’t pooped in 7 days, then it becomes a drawn-out slow motion show. (seriously kid!)

He’s growing and changing every day. How can someone change so much EVERY SINGLE DAY?? Jackson gets a little more personality all the time, although the personality is reflective of his impatient mother most of the time… sorry kid (and every babysitter he will ever have). He’s 12 weeks old today and suddenly all of his 3 months clothes are too short. Did someone tell him it was time to switch to 3-6 month sizes?? How did he do that?

But can I make a confession?? I’m looking forward toΒ 9 months from now. Time can zippity-do-dah its way to August. I know that sounds silly. Why would anyone want to fast forward through their baby’s first year?? I just want to be done with school so badly, that I’m willing to speed up a little.

Regardless, a minute is still s 60 seconds, and an hour is stillΒ sixty minutes, blah, blah, blah. So, hopefully I can savor the baby time and get through the school time, and by the time my little man is taking off to walk, I’ll be getting a diploma πŸ™‚


Anyway, we recently spent 5 days “back home” with family for Thanksgiving. That time flew! But it was great to show off our growing little turkey and see our beloveds!

chillin' in the moby with mommy...

chillin’ in the moby with mommy…

little turkey tuckered out.

little turkey tuckered out. can you get a contact tryptophan buzz??

there's a turkey on his butt. OMG!

there’s a turkey on his butt. OMG!



15 thoughts on “time

  1. He’s so handsome. I love that last picture of the two of you. He looks so grown up and you’re one proud mama.

    Time definitely flies by. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and my baby is almost five months old.

  2. Jackson is such a little cutie…and really is there anything cuter than animals on a baby’s butt? (Thank you Carters!) I love the middle picture where he’s in the wrap..it looks like he’s saying “no more pics please!” lolol

  3. I love the pic of him with his hand up. It’s like he’s using the force (Star Wars lol). “Give me some pie…” Haha.
    Do his pants have an Underarmor logo! Omg so cute if so! They’re cute anyways. πŸ™‚
    I feel ya on the time thing. With two, I just want them to be able to hold their heads up so I can hold them both at the same time! It’d make life so much easier. Keep chugging away at school, and sure enough it’ll be over. πŸ™‚ Hope it zooms by for you.

    • yep, it’s an underarmor outfit… my friends know how to pick baby gifts πŸ™‚
      YES! you want to savor their babiness… and yet, if only they would sleep through the night, hold up their heads, quit spitting up… I think it’s a mommy conundrum because you want them to learn and grow but you also want them to stay little!

  4. Those moby pictures… OMG! What a personality he has already. I love it!
    Time really is a funny thing. How do my 9 hours at work seem so much longer than the 48 hours I get on the weekends? I swear I go to bed on Friday night then wake up to Monday morning – WTF?

    • OH I know!! Not enough time to go around when it comes to “family time!”

      Be thankful you are in Arizona this week (even though I hear it’s cold there too) -7 without the windchill back up in the Midwest. BRRR!

  5. What a cutie!! Yes, it’s amazing how every SINGLE day they can change so much. Time is a weird thing now….it’s like I don’t have any time to do anything, plus it goes way fast. How are these little babies already getting so “old”!!??! He is precious. And you look fab, by the way!

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