a little humor :)

last night I was nesting, aka, moving baby things around in the house. and I came across the “hands free” breast pumping bra I ordered a few weeks ago. I had been told this was a must have purchase for someone planning on pumping.  so I bought one, in black, because most of my stuff is black, and I like black. black is good. anyway, back to the story.

I found the bra in the closet last night, and thought, hmm, I should see how this bad boy works. I didn’t have a (normal) bra on (so sue me, I run around the house bra-less 90% of the time), so I just zipped it right on. and giggled.

I can’t believe i’m admitting this on a publicly accessible blog that my MOM reads….

I walked out the living room and stood in front of the tv and told Jesse to “check this out.” (mind you I hadn’t actually checked it out myself, yet). Jesse started busting a gut. I was giggling, mostly because my nipples were sticking out of this thing… but he was laughing for a entirely different reason. he told me to look in a mirror, so I did.


this bra… with nothing else on… resembled Zorro’s mask across my chest… and my nipples were the EYES! go ahead, laugh. I was laughing my butt off. nearly peed my pants laughing! it was the most amazing by-chance humor I’d had in a while. the kind of thing people pin on the humor page of pinterest, minus the pornographic pregnant nipples part, of course.


SO, if you have one of these, try it, and giggle. If you need one, buy it and giggle. I’m pretty sure it will work awesome for it’s intended purpose. And for comic relief in the home of a newborn!

Jesse went on a trip for work this week, and we were both a little worried about him being gone, but before he left, I told him if he was sad, or worried, or nervous… picture Zorro. Mood Fixed.


PS – Jesse said last night, “too bad we can’t tell anyone about how funny this is.” does telling the internet count?? 🙂

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