crib mobile

So I found a cute mobile idea on pinterest a couple months ago, and I finally had the time to make it. The tutorial I followed can be found here.

I found all of the fabric and the ribbon at IMG_3554

painted the inside ring of a embroidery hoop (from hobby lobby)


then I traced circles onto the paper side of iron-on adhesive – I ordered a 1 1/2 yard and it fit my 96 circles perfectly! I traced around a spray paint can lid, if that gives you an idea of size.


I ironed the adhesive to the wrong side of the fabrics, and cut out the circles.


I cut my 6 yard piece of red ribbon into 8 27″ strips, then I peeled the paper backing off the fabric circles and placed them about an inch and a half apart on the ribbon, pinned them, and ironed them all to get the adhesive to stick. as you can see, Nella was very enthused by the whole project.


After that I sewed down the ribbon with red thread to secure all of them.


Here’s the finished product… I’m pretty proud of it! Not too frilly, bright colors, and hopefully will be eye-catching for the baby. My husband said it looks “a little hippy-ish” – I’ll take that as a compliment from him 🙂 I have lots of left-over fabric (I had to order a 1/2 yard of each pattern from the website), so hopefully will be motivated enough to make a crib rail teething bumper to match. Although, there’s no tutorial with that, so we’ll see how it turns out!



10 thoughts on “crib mobile

  1. This is so cute!! I have been looking all over for DIY mobile ideas because the ones on Etsy are SO expensive, as are store-bought (and I’d rather not have a plastic thing that lights up and makes noise). Love it…

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