my favorite week

this week is usually one of my favorite weeks of the year. it was during this week that Lillian was born… but Lillian’s birth was crazy and scary, with a placental abruption and an emergency cesarean that resulted in a scalp laceration from the surgical scalpel because they were trying to get her out so fast. while she turned out to be just fine (she was strong-willed from the beginning), she stayed in the hospital longer and received IV antibiotics to prevent slight chance of infection from the surgical wound. Lilly and her mommy were both my patients. And the only reason I can tell you this story without violating patient privacy is because Lilly is my niece… now.

At the time I didn’t know the family at all. I was a single girl. But, while Lilly was spending extra days in the hospital, her uncle, Jesse, came from his job in Georgia to meet her. And while he was home, he met me too… in the hallway on the OB unit. Yes folks, I met my husband on the L& D unit while I was at work.Β  We chatted a little (he was one of the cutest guys i’d ever seen!) and then he left.Β  I even went back into his sister’s room after I clocked out that night to “give him my number.” (Lord only knows if I actually would have done it, way too ballsy for the normal me) But he had already left the hospital. LUCKILY, we connected later that night outside of work when he asked a mutual friend, who I also worked with,Β to “call that cute nurse from the baby floor.”

I love our story.


This week is also Jesse’s birthday. The last week in June is full of happiness for us (unless he doesn’t feel like having a birthday). This year, this week, I have to be on the other side of the state for my last class of the semester. ugh. spoiler. and Jesse received his gift a couple weeks ago (he has the patience of a 3 year old when he knows he’s getting a gift!), so this week is pretty anti-climactic this year. oh well. it’s still one of the best weeks.

thanks for being born little lilly!

thanks for being born little lilly!



9 thoughts on “my favorite week

  1. Aw, what an awesome story. I met my husband because I thought he was starving his dog, who turned out to just be an adolescent and at an awkward stage of growth. Much less adorable. Happy last week of June! And happy b-day to Jesse!

  2. Such a cute story!! One I’d be dying to tell my kids once they are old enough! lol. You two make an absolutely stunning couple πŸ™‚

    • every year on Lilly’s birthday we get to make a big deal out of her traumatic birth bringing us together. funny how things work out!
      and we had an awesome photographer for the wedding… she did some amazing work!

  3. Love it πŸ™‚ And I like the new layout!

    Yes your photographer was amazing, but the subjects made it easy πŸ™‚

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