28 weeks… a much less dramatic post.

because no-one likes a whiner, especially over hypothetical labor and delivery problems, here is a much sun-shinier post.

how far along: 28.0 weeks.

baby is the size of: a head of cauliflower. an oblong head of cauliflower at 16 inches and 2 1/2 pounds.

total weight gain: about 11 pounds.

stretch marks: not yet. but i’m convinced they are coming. eventually. so i’m not getting too pumped about averting them thus far.

maternity clothes: most of the time. still like my t-shirts and my normal pj’s. I can still wear a good chunk of my scrubs if they have a little stretch. but wearing mostly maternity bottoms. at first I liked my maternity shorts, but have more recently disliked them… the belly pushes down on them and then they kinda wing-out at the bottom, making my butt look pretty un-desirable. my husband even said so 😦  and I HATE pulling the elastic on the pants over the belly. I roll it, no matter what.

movement: wiggle worm. most quiet in the morning, which always gets me worrying until I get a least one good whack. by bedtime, he’s constantly going. and I love it. but, there are times he stretches out and I wonder how he’ll ever fit in there for 12 more weeks. and the lightning strikes to the cervix aren’t very lovable, but oh well.

best moment of the week: jesse’s theoretical first father’s day. and passing my GTT.

worst moment: eh, they’ve all been pretty good. I love having people ask me about the baby. I actually love being pregnant 99% of the time.

miss anything: running easily. i’m down to about 1 1/2 miles of running in my loop, walking the rest. belly’s getting heavy and it’s harder to breathe. but still love to go. my goal is to keep running until at least 30 weeks.

belly button: flat, sometimes out. I was an outie as a kid, so not surprised it pops out easily.

“symptoms:”  fending off heartburn with omeprazole. fending off those nasty leg cramps with magnesium. fending off constipation with Colace. fending off insomnia with Benadryl. get the picture? i’m a health care provider, meds are okay with me.

upcoming stuff: work. school. work.  maternity pictures taken by my awesome friend. she did the prof ones on the blog 🙂

mood: i’d say happy, but worried. always worried.



see, much better post 🙂


One thought on “28 weeks… a much less dramatic post.

  1. LOL about the drugs! I used to be a pharmacy tech so I am right there with you! Why suffer, right? For a month I took I buprofen like it was going out of style. And I still take colace regularly :/ Oh well. It’s safe and makes me feel better. Yay for the 3rd trimester!

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