the flu

O.M.G. you guys. I took care of a 6 year old little girl Sunday morning in the ER who had the stomach flu. I wore gloves and disinfected every surface like a Nazi. Sunday night I went to sleep at 9pm. At 10pm I woke up with terrible nausea. I haven’t been nauseous this whole pregnancy. My nausea must have been annoying the baby, because he started moving and moving and moving. Which made the nausea worse. Pretty soon I was up and puking. And then the diarrhea started. Worst night in a long time. Called in sick to work by 11pm. Didn’t get more than 15-45 minutes of sleep at a time all night. And I kept getting contractions when I’d jump up to run to the bathroom.
By morning I called my OB and my PCP in town. Went in for IV fluids and meds to stop the nausea. My PCP was worried about PTL… but I said I just needed fluids. And promised if the pain and cramps didn’t go away after the fluids and a nap, I’d go to the OB floor for monitoring. Went home, slept almost solidly until this morning. With the exception of eating a little chicken noodle soup. And texting my boss to tell him I wouldn’t be at work tomorrow. Because that makes sense, right? To not go to work if one can’t even eat toast? Especially to a boss who’s a nurse. Who also got a note from my PCP confirming my illness and excusing me from work.
(I try to not use this blog as a rant-hole. warning: rant in process). HE sends me a message back asking if I will make it to the “mandatory” in-service the next day (today) at 2 pm. I said, no, not unless I feel a million times better. I fell back asleep then. And woke up this morning to a text that said, and I quote, “So you are requesting to be absent from your shift and a mandatory meeting?” WTH? I couldn’t even reply without being snotty. So I didn’t reply at all. BUT SERIOUSLY? Like I requested to get sick? I still am not eating well. My pee still looks almost orange. I still don’t have the energy to get off the couch. And MAYBE if I wasn’t pregnant I would try to go to the meeting… BUT I’m in charge of 2 lives here, and the responsible thing is to get healthy before going 100% again. Not to mention, this is a pretty catchy little virus, does he really want everyone I work with exposed??
Needless to say, I’m really mad about it. And hopefully getting it off my chest on the blog will stop me from telling him this to his face. My husband suggested I ask him if he want to share a glass of water with me. If he wants the flu? Anyway… the moral of the story is I am NOT going to the stupid mandatory meeting. I followed the correct channels. I have an excused absence due to illness. And I’m doing what’s best for me and my baby.
Hope everyone else feels better than I do this week!


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