baby belly… public domain

this week was pretty standard, school and work.

but something, well, fun started happening at work this week. The old people starting asking me about being pregnant.

I think I’ve looked obviously pregnant for at least the last 7 weeks. but scrubs are forgiving and hide things (both good and bad) pretty well. so, at work the only ones who would make comments about my growth were co-workers who knew what I “normally” look like. However, in the last week I’ve have a 90-year-old women who had no idea about many things going on around her look me straight in the eye and ask, “Are you PG?” haha. yes, mama. and then an old man waited until I had both hands busy opening his pills, reached up and rubbed my belly! at first I was a little shocked, but seriously, it was so dang cute. these little things haven’t stopped since.  my elderly patients LOVE talking about me being pregnant. they want to know gender and due date and names. They have no filter. They’ve let me know how to be a parent and how to love a child.

In the everyday normal world this would probably get annoying. But with my patients, it makes them happy, so it makes me happy. they want to remember being young, they want to connect with that, and I guess this baby-belly reminds them. in fact, a woman I cared for this week will be almost 100 years old this September… she really, really wants me to deliver on her due date and let her know all about it. Just another thing I love about nursing.

so, this week, in honor of the sweet elderly population, I didn’t change out of my scrubs to take the picture.


OH, guess what else????? if you’d followed my previous blog about trying to get pregnant, you might remember a story of how much I struggled to tell one of my friends when I got pregnant because she was struggling with sub-fertility, too??? She’s due in December!! YAY! It’ll make going to class a lot easier again, since we will be back on some common ground, but gossiping about breastfeeding instead of semen analyses. It sucked when it felt like I had something she didn’t, and every time I saw her, I felt like I was hurting her feelings by just being there. It is such a stinky thing to be pregnant when someone else wants to be, but isn’t.

I have one more close friend who is still striving to get there. Breaks my heart, because part of me knows. I know we didn’t have to try as long as some. I know I get to feel the rolling around of our little boy everyday, and it heals some of the pain of those months when I thought I’d never be here… BUT, anytime you have to use science to get pregnant (I was on multiple medications) it loses its intimacy and spontaneity. It becomes everyone else’s business. And it sucks. SO, I’ll keep praying, and I ask you to do the same as she and her hubby continue to pursue parenthood.



13 thoughts on “baby belly… public domain

    • thanks… I actually busted out a pair of “maternity” scrub pants this week that a friend gave me. Who knew you could take the most relaxed and comfy work attire and make it even more elastic?!?

      I CAN NOT wait until you hatch that little chicken… I so want to know if it’s boy or girl (I’m on team boy)… love your blog!

  1. Those scrubs are adorable! I think you’re right about the old people. They do love it. It took a lot of that before I, myself, realized how special it is to have a bay ….to everyone else. Of course it’s special to you, but it’s nice to know that strangers are happy for you too. Glad everything is going well! And congrats to your bud!

    • I don’t know if any scrubs can be classified as “adorable” – but these are fun ones 🙂 I agree, and think that most of the time we are so focused on being pregnant and the baby that we forget we are contributing to society, and society wants to participate too! hope all is well with you and your little guy!

  2. You look adorable pregnant! Your patients sound so cute and I think it’s awesome that your pregnancy brings out a spark of joy in them! My mom is a nurse so I also have a special love for nurses too 🙂 great post!

    • old person patients are pretty cute, and probably equally as awkward as middle school kids are 🙂 and you look adorable too… running out of room yet? I can’t imagine two babies fighting for space in my belly! hope you’re feeling good!

  3. I’m still waiting for the 1st stranger to rub my belly! I don’t know why no one has done this yet. I’m not one to be bothered by that sort of thing, so I’m actually a little bummed it hasn’t happened and wondering if it ever will. If a little 90-year-old woman gave my baby a little love that would absolutely put the biggest smile on my face.

    • Hehe, it was so cute when the little lady asked me point blank. Most find a round-a-bout way to bring it up. And I’m the same way, i really don’t care you gives the belly a rub, Lord knows I do it all the time to other pregnant ladies!

  4. You make me want to be pregnant again….right now! Looking good and will definitely pray for your friend.

    I keep our Christmas cards out and then every night Drake and I (OK really only me) pray for that family we received the card from. Saw the McMillan family is next in the rotation for tonight!

    • Awe, thanks! I wish I would have gotten to see more of you pregnant with Drake!! I am sure you were adorable!! How far along were you when you did maternity photos?? I think we’re going to do some at 30 weeks.
      And, thanks for the prayers, all are appreciated! Miss you!

      • Yes do pictures at 30 weeks…before you may possibly swell like I did 🙂 You don’t care to remember that time.

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