oh, the stress

AHHHH! Where do I start? Driving 1600+ miles in the last 10 days? Finding out we have a WHOLE extra class this summer that I wasn’t aware of? Oh, or maybe a great house falling in our lap? Plus growing a baby. Working. Eating. Sleeping…. so much!

Not to mention… just to ice the cake… they found a pulmonary embolism in my dad’s lung and he was admitted to the hospital. A PE can be life threatening. Serious business, and I’m 400 miles away. As a daughter and a nurse, I want to be there. I should be there. I feel terrible.

Basically I’m juggling about 7 balls. With two clumsy hands. And so, I’m working on getting a mortgage with a private sale on a home… because it will be great for us, and great for baby blueberry. And, I’m finishing grad school because (I want to) it will be great for us, and great for baby blueberry. And, I’m working fulltime because… well you get the picture.

At the end of our class day the teachers sprung all sorts of stressful news – an extra class, more class meetings added in the fall, and a change in our testing format. After I got out of class yesterday my head was pounding! How would I make everything work??  I got in my car and the Christian radio station was on… literally 30 seconds later the radio station was talking about “steps to being a finisher” – proverbs 10.4 tells us that lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth, and the DJ made a final comment about trusting God.  So that’s what I will do, I’ll be diligent and trusting to get to the finish line. The rest is up to God.

As long as my hubby and family keep supporting me, I’m going to be ok. I might go bald and not sleep for the next 16 months or so, BUT I will still be ok. Happy Easter everyone. Have Faith 🙂 and please say an extra amen for my dad. He needs to be healthy and be a grandpa to baby muffin.


oh boy, oh boy!

we had an ultrasound today, at 15.5 wks, to check on an ovarian cyst, probably a residual clomid thing. more importantly we got another peak at the baby. i warned jesse that at not even 16 weeks, the baby will look like a baby, but probably be too wiggly and small to see a gender. so, he patiently watched the sonographer measure and re-measure and RE-MEASURE the cyst. finally, she moved to the baby, and asked if we planned to know the gender. jesse perked up and we both said, “yes, if we can today, that would be fine.” this is the first picture we got…

i'm a boy!

i’m a boy!


jesse was thrilled, and i even cried because i was so happy. i really wasn’t expecting to know, and i haven’t quite wrapped my mind around it. but, a sweet little boy is perfect! and look how cute he is…

us 2 - 15wk5dus 2 - 15wks5dmy heart is all melted and gooey over him! God is so good! i have a son. a son! so unreal. afterwards, we went and picked out an awesome, comfy recliner for the nursery. a blue nursery. it was a great day.

blueberry muffin

so, since the little guy’s nickname has been muffin, he’s now a blueberry muffin, just bakin’ away.

happy birthday!

to our dog, nella. 1 year old tomorrow. i’ve been telling her happy birthday all week. she doesn’t seem to get it.


while she’s a wild and crazy girl, who sometimes eats things that aren’t hers and always sneaks under the covers by our feet at 3am, we love her. she’ll always be our first baby. and she’ll never talk back 🙂 i almost cried putting this collage together. i can’t believe how small she was!

in other news… 15 weeks. feeling AMAZING. finally getting some energy back. and i still can’t believe i own this belly. crazy. baby muffin’s risin’


also i get to trek home this week (pray for decent driving weather, since spring has forgotten our state), and see immediate and extended family. VERY excited!

happy wednesday everyone!

14 weeks

i call wednesdays “flip day” – today, OFFICIALLY 2nd trimester. one third done, which is nuts.

i’ve taken a few “belly shots” since finding out. at 11 weeks, my gut was OUT THERE, but i think it was mostly gas 🙂 but now, this is a slightly more genuine, slightly less intestinal-related belly. i will admit, what sticks out is a little roll that is pushed up by the uterus, not really the uterus, but it’s nice to see things grow a little. I’ve worn maternity pants to clinicals a couple days now, mostly for comfort. really, who wouldn’t wear elastic pants whenever acceptable?? honestly, it’s like yoga pants, all day, everyday. i can’t argue with that logic. anyway, i’ve only gained a pound or two, which is good, since the munchkin is only about an ounce and a half!


this morning’s belly shot. nella doesn’t really care.


tonight’s pic, after taking a walk in 65 degree warm weather 🙂 jesse was SO annoyed i MADE him get up off the couch during duck dynasty to take the picture. boo-hoo!

           and, here’s a little sneak peak of our pregnancy announcement.

card (2)

{somebody got lucky}

hurray, new blog!

so, if you’re here, you’ve been lead here by a various number of ways.
i’ve been lead here by one, a very loving God.
oh jeeze, you say. but YES, i wouldn’t be able to be here without a lotta love from above.
life hasn’t always been a cake walk, the last year was a true trial of my faith, but here i am, still standing, and growing a tiny little human my dad has lovingly dubbed “muffin.” he’s going to be such a wonderful grandpa!


we’re very excited. we’re due in september. and we want you to be able to follow along on the journey, mostly because if you are friends or family, there is a very good chance you live 400 miles away! and if you are a blog follower, you might just want to see how myrtle’s journey turns out.